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Diffusion Training – About Us

Diffusion Training was founded by Andy G and Andrew T out of their shared passion for self defence techniques tailored for living in a modern city. Each has over 20 years of mixed martial arts experience, with a focus on Brazilian Jiujitsu, Jiujitsu and Krav Maga.

Their focus on urban self defence comes from having lived in London where they have both witnessed and experienced road and Tube rage encounters with aggressive members of the public. From their experiences, they confirmed that the most effective form of urban self defence is to avoid a physical conflict altogether. However, if forced to defend oneself, they identified the competing challenges of needing to be able to react highly effectively to protect oneself from physical injury, yet with also enough restraint so as not to punish the aggressor, risking harsh legal implications.

The Diffusion Personal Safety Training system was therefore borne out of seeking to marry these dual objectives of seeking to avoid a fight as much as possible, but then if needed, to effect a highly effective means of physical self defence (“Diffuse Hands” and “Hands to Face”) – that renders the violent aggressor physically incapacitated as quickly as possible, while doing so with a measure of restraint that enables the legal defence of “self defence” to be strongly argued.

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