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Diffusion Training’s Personal Defence Courses are delivered in one-off, focussed 90 minute or 3 hour seminars at central London locations. (Our approach is to teach you our essential self protection skills in a single, focussed instruction session, rather than asking you to commit to weeks or months of weekly classes).

check_markHow We Do This:

Our Personal Defence Course is designed firstly to raise participants’ situational awareness for potential conflict or predatory situations and how best to avoid them. The Course then moves onto how best to defuse an aggressive situation, and then if need be, to protect against a physically violent aggressor – using refined self defence techniques (such as our “Diffuse Hands” and “Hands to Face” techniques) that can be delivered easily yet very effectively against an aggressor, whilst aiming to meet the general standards of an acceptable “self defence” response within the eyes of the law. We then also cover options for escaping from a violent confrontation or making a citizen’s arrest.

The Course is designed particularly for people with no martial arts training (but is equally useful for experienced martial artists looking to ensure they can effectively manage urban conflict in the eyes of the law).

Classes are generally for up to 10 participants (or no more than 5 people per instructor).

The Course involves a mixture of lecture style delivery and practical hands-on training, involving light to moderate physical activity.

(There is no physical interaction with other students. Techniques are practiced with qualified instructors using ‘real life’ padded dummies).

All course participants are presented with a training binder containing all the course materials to take away.

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clockCourse Timing:

The Diffusion Training Personal Defence Courses are delivered in one-off, focussed 90 minute or 3 hour seminars, depending on client preference.

  • The 90 minute seminar is a focussed presentation covering the essential skills of situational awareness and threat avoidance, and then instructing how to execute the “Diffuse Hands” and “Hands to Face” techniques. (This is best suited to time poor individuals looking for an intensive download of essential information).
  • The 3 hour seminar covers the same key skills above, but with the opportunity for extended practice and situational rehearsing of the “Diffuse Hands” and “Hands to Face” skills, as well as the skills to effect a “citizen’s arrest”.

Our instructors are able to run seminars during office hours, or in evenings and also on weekends, depending on client demand.

folderCourse Content:

Each course generally follows the training sequence below:

1st phase: Situational Awareness and Threat Assessment. Introduction to the “Conflict Continuum” time line. (Interactive lecture style)

2nd phase: “Diffuse Hands” and “Hands to Face”. (Instruction, demonstration and practice)

3rd phase: Aftermath and practicing reactions to different threat scenarios. (Instruction, demonstration and practice)

Wuseromen’s Only Courses:

To cater for the specific self defence concerns of women (linked to more predatory muggers and sexual offenders), we offer a focussed Diffusion Training Women’s Personal Safety Course. This covers the same themes above, albeit with a specific concentration on dealing effectively with predatory situations.


We have flexible training packages for individuals and companies, with prices dependent on class timings and locations. (As a general rule our prices per seminar are typically not much more than the equivalent cost of hiring an experienced personal trainer for the same time).

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Please email us if you are interested in attending one of our seminars, so we can provide you with all the details, or you can otherwise call too.

Email: andrewt<> (please replace <> with @ when emailing).

Phone: AndrewT +44 7900 910 493

So don’t delay, we’d love the opportunity to train with you. By making the small investment in time and cost to train with us, you should take away some essential life skills to protect you from harm from others. How can you put a price on your personal safety and your future wellbeing?

Stay Safe! Remain Confident! With Diffusion Training.