Urban Assault Risks

Living in a modern urban environment exposes us daily to random interactions with other people. Such random experiences with people who may wish to do us harm are an ever present risk.

Following is a list of rage and predatory situations that people going about their daily lives experienced, many with life changing consequences.

Note: We can’t promise that our Diffusion Training personal safety approach could have saved all these people from what they sadly experienced, but we would like to think that if they had been more situationally aware, more conscious of avoiding and defusing conflict, and with suitable physical responses for dealing with a violent aggressor, then their outcomes could potentially have been different.

a)       The British ambassador to Burmuda who lost an eye due to being punched in an ‘ambush’ mugging on his way to a dinner party in Hammersmith, London. (April, 2012);








b)       The Hollyoaks actor, Thomas Scurr, who was hospitalised with a fractured eye socket after being punched by someone after they had a verbal altercation in a takeaway food shop in Leicester Square, London. (May, 2013)

Thomas Scurr Attack





c)       After simply bumping into a guy, Rhys ap William (the Millennium Stadium rugby announcer) was punched to the ground, fracturing his skull with bleeding to the brain and suffering two seizures; followed by months of rehabilitative care. (Reported August, 2013);


d)       The Blackberry executive who tragically lost his life after being glassed with a bottle in an altercation with a young graphic designer at a Jessie J private concert in a London nightclub (October, 2012);


e)       The trainee nurse who was punched to the ground by a cyclist mugger in an attempt to steal her handbag, leaving her with a serious head injury that left her close to dying and in intensive care for weeks; (Mid 2012. Profiled in the ‘Accident A&E’ television show, January, 2013).

These are just a few examples of the devastating news stories that we are seeing regularly reported about people suffering violent injury from random aggression and violence.

So how prepared are you to avoid these situations?